The people at Cairncroft found us the perfect speaker for our event. Someone that we had never even thought of.

Testimonial SouthWestern TechAlliance
SouthWestern TechAlliance

Our people just couldn’t get enough of Bill Johnson. I am looking forward to seeing who you will recommend for next year.

Testimonial Cosmetic Alliance Association
Cosmetic Alliance Association
D. Praznak

We were really pleased with the impact Frank O’Dea had on the audience. Thank you for making it so easy. As an organizer for several events a year, my job was made easier because you took care of everything.

Testimonial Rural Tourism Conference
Rural Tourism Conference
J. Filip

Sean has a wonderful capacity to clarify complexity and support his colleagues and clients. I would highly recommend Sean to anyone who is looking to work with a consummate professional.

Testimonial Association of Professional Speakers
Association of Professional Speakers
Ruth Sirman

Thank you. Mario Pilozzi was perfect for our group.

Testimonial Party Packagers
Party Packagers

Sean always seems to have a unique perspective on any problem I might be working on that helps me develop a solution

Testimonial Centre for Management of Technology and Entrepreneurship
Centre for Management of Technology and Entrepreneurship
S. Treiber

Since 2007 Sean has played a significant role in helping my firm with strategic business decisions while we expanded successfully into the US college market

Testimonial The BIG Guide to Living and Working Overseas
The BIG Guide to Living and Working Overseas
Jean-Marc Hachey

Ryan was amazing – we will have a formal thank you send shortly to him. The team was amazed at his accomplishments and how humble he was. Very impressive. Once again you came through with a great recommendation, Sean.

Testimonial City of Ottawa, Infrastructure
City of Ottawa, Infrastructure
K. Asiri

JJ was amazing. He really hit a chord with our delegates, and hit every point we discussed in our call. He made it very relatable to municipal government management…. You and Kathy were a pleasure to work with and I look forward to working with you for our next conference

Testimonial Association of Municipal
Association of Municipal
Clerks and Treasurers of Ontario (AMCTO)