What do we do?

Cairncroft manages the speaking engagements of business leaders who are fine public speakers – bringing them to a wide variety of audiences, who all have a common goal: to learn from real leaders who have impacted their businesses and their industries. We provide all manner of backroom administrative services, dealing directly with the people who engage speakers or with all of the speakers’ bureaus. We are the office for our speakers. We also provide coaching, marketing, sales and business management for speakers at all levels. 

Featured Experts

Frank O’Dea

Frank O'Dea LLD O.C.Frank O’Dea has a great success story that inspires, motivates and empowers his audiences.  As a young man, Frank was a homeless person panhandling for nickels and dimes on the streets. From those beginnings, he went on to co-found the Second Cup chain of coffee stores, Proshred Security and with the support from Colin Powell, Kofi Annan and Sir Paul McCartney he launched founded the international charity, “Night of a Thousand Dinners”.  He is a recipient of 2 honorary university degrees and was invested Office in the Order of Canada. Business people and entrepreneurs want to learn about O’Dea’s leadership and his ability to overcome huge obstacles; Social services, frontline workers and donors want to be inspired and have their hope restored about the work they do. www.frankodea.com


Warren Jestin, Chief Economist, Scotiabank  

Warren Jestin, former Chief Economist for Scotiabank, is just the expert to provide your attendees his unfettered perspective of Canada’s and the world’s economies and what it all means to his specific audience. In his captivating speeches, Jestin has the remarkable ability to simplify complex issues, and make them understandable for all, from scholars to constituents. Warren Jestin, is a popular public speaker and media commentator on economic issues in Canada and abroad. He travels extensively meeting experts from around the globe to keep pace with the latest economic, political and financial market developments. Warren is on Advisory Boards for the Sobey School of Business at St. Mary’s University, and the University of Guelph where he is the Economist in Residence at the College of Management & Economics. Warren also serves on several other advisory boards including The Learning Partnership, the Canadian Foundation for Economic Education and the Markham Stouffville Hospital.


Mario Pilozzi

Mario PilozziMario Pilozzi, a 30 year veteran of retail, spent 7 years as the President of Wal-Mart Canada. During that time he transformed the Canadian retail scene and, in the process, impacted a whole host of industries. Delivering the inside story he shares how Manufactures came face-to-face with volume demands they had never seen; shipping and distribution services transformed themselves into supply-chain experts; commercial real estate developed whole new face in the expanding suburbs; He and his people took a broken down chain of stores and turned it into a powerhouse that now employs over 80 thousand people across the country. www.mariopilozzi.com

Ryan Hreljac

Ryan's PhotoBe inspired by Canada’s youth. At only 24 years-old, Ryan Hreljac has been a guest on The Oprah Winfrey Show, shared the spotlight with Prince Charles, dined with Prince Edward at Buckingham Palace, attended church with Queen Elizabeth, and has collaborated for years with the world renowned Dr. Jane Goodall. As a little boy, during a class project, Ryan learned that there were children in Africa who were not going to school, and even dying, because they did not have clean water to drink. He became determined to help and that determination raised the money to dig one well, then another and another. Now, 17 years later Ryan and his organization have brought life-enhancing safe water, sanitation, and hygiene education to more than 800,000 people in Africa, India, and the Caribbean. www.ryanswell.ca

 Jean (JJ) Brun

JJ is betThe Retired Spyter known as the Retired Spy and is an expert at showing people how to present ideas to get buy-in. Trained by the military to operate in hostile environments to work with, and get buy-in from, very skeptical locals, he is truly someone who has walked the talk.  He was a member of the Military  Forces in Bosnia where, amid the chaos of blurred front lines and unstable loyalties, he established a network of local contacts pulling in critical cooperation, using some of the techniques your audience will learn in this session. An interpersonal skills authotity, his expertise is recognized internationally in utilizing cultural insights as a strategy to effectively communicate, relate and connect across cultures. www.jjcommunications.com


 Who Else?

We also manage the speaking engagements for a number of business leaders who are not listed here but will speak to select groups. They include:

 Executives with turnaround experience,

Business building experts,

Supply chain management,  


Marketing and sales leaders and


 Call or write to let us know what expertise you are looking for and we will let you know with whom we work that may be a fit.


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